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Why choose Garmin Zûmo? 

We realize riding a motorcycle is completely different than driving a car. That's why we created Zûmo, a product unlike any other navigator on the market. The Zûmo series of navigators are designed, constructed and tested specifically to meet the unique needs of a motorcyclist. Simply put – Zûmo is built by bikers for bikers.

Motorcyclists need peace of mind while on the open road. The last thing you should worry about when you travel by motorcycle, while commuting or on vacation, is the performance of your navigator. The Zûmo series offers a variety of features a motorcyclist desires. Our glove-friendly touchscreen allows you to operate the Zûmo without removing any apparel or gear. The motorcycle specific interface is left-hand optimized for your riding convenience. Bluetooth options allow clear spoken turn-by-turn directions to be routed wirelessly into your helmet.

Zûmo also provides you all the navigation features you might expect from the world's leader in GPS navigation. Zûmo provides you the coolest features such as Exit Services, speed limit indicator, junction view, lane assist and TracBack®. You can rely on Zûmo to get you from point A to point B and do everything in-between, safely and confidently. In addition, you will receive free lifetime map updates, so you can navigate with the most up-to-date roads, highways and points of interest. 

Weather is always in the forefront of a motorcyclist's mind. That is precisely why we test Zûmo in the harshest conditions. Zûmo is constructed to withstand all the elements, from pouring rain to freezing temperatures or blazing hot sun. Gas vapors are typically a concern for any item mounted to your bike, but not for Zûmo. We choose fuel-resistant plastics in our design to ensure Zûmo tolerates any gas vapors. In addition, we provide a motorcycle mount so your unit fits securely and connects seamlessly to your bike.

    Garmin Zumo XT GPS
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    Item:  GN010-02296-00   Garmin   (in stock)

    Zumo 590/595 GPS SunShade
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    Item:   VZVX590SS   Vizon-X   (in stock)

    Zumo 660/665 GPS SunShade
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    Item:   VZVX665SS   Vizon-X   (in stock)


    Item:    CM1024, CM1026    (in stock)

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