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GL1800 Rectangular LED Cowl Lights with Turn Signals (SCMGL18RFL)
GL1800 Rectangular LED Fog Lights
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Item:   SCMGL18RFL, SCMGL18RFL-F6B, SCMGL18RFL-0105    SoCalMotoGear    (in stock)


This is a set of rectangular LED lower cowl lights. These rectangular fog lights are made by SoCalMotoGear and are specifically designed to mount behind the rectangular factory cutouts on the lower front cowl of the 2012-2017 Goldwing GL1800, F6B, and Valkyrie. These weatherproof rectangular LED fog lights provide a bright white beam that is low and horizontal, which is great for rain and fog or highlighting deer and other wildlife that lurk in the night. This custom designed light kit also incorporates U-shaped LED light strips that function as a running light as well as a turn signal. The running/turn strip produces a white light when operating as a running light but, switches to amber as soon as the turn signal is activated. This rectangular LED cowl light kit is fully adjustable with rubber isolation bushings to provide a stabilized, vibration free light. This kit includes all of the required mounting hardware, relay, OEM-quality switch, wiring harness and installation instructions. This kit is completely plug and play. Be sure to select the correct kit for your bike when ordering. This kit will fit all Goldwing GL1800's, F6B's and Valkyrie's from 2001-2017. (See note belowNote: This may NOT be a plug and play unit on non-US spec bikes.  GL18RFL, GL18RFL-F6B, GL18RFL-0105

Note: This rectangular light kit can also be installed on a 2001-2010 Goldwing GL1800 under the following conditions. You must first purchase a lower front cowl with rectangular light openings. The chrome lower cowl from Show Chrome, B52-908, will work. Or you can get a painted OEM Honda lower cowl from a 2012-2017 bike.  Then, if your 2001-2010 bike is a NON airbag model, then you must also purchase a different fog light switch. Either the H08V31-MCA-10008 from Honda or the SCMGLFSWN  from SoCalMotoGear will work. Both can be found on our GL1800 Lights page. 

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