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Rollin' Eyes Flexible LED Strips (ERRE-FS-V4)
Rollin' Eyes Flexible LED Strip

Item:    ERRE-FS-V4    Ergomot


This is a Rollin' Eyes flexible LED strip. It is available in many different sizes from 4 LED's to 70 LED's in one strip. These are sold individually. Select the correct length from the drop down box when ordering. These are the new V4 series of light strips. The advantage of V4 compared to old V3 style is: whiter whites, no more splitters needed and no more extention cables needed! Each strip comes with over 5 feet of cable and the required connectors to connect it to a controller. You can cut the cable as needed.  RE-FS-V4

Note: We will attempt to stock as many of the Rollin' Eyes components as we can but, there may be a 2 to 3 week delay while some items are made and shipped for your order.

Note: To use these Flexible Multicolor LED strips, you also need at least 1 Rollin' Eyes LED controller (not included).

You can use, program and configure the controller with your iPhone OR Android smartphone or tablet. Each controller can drive up to 288 LED's.

The strips are full waterproof and have a self adhesive backing.

Height is only 3,5 mm (0,138 inch) , width is 13 mm (0,51 inch), lenght is 12 mm + 6,9 mm per led (0,47 inch + 0,271 inch per led)

Power consumption : 0,28 watt per led. Example : 48 of our ultra bright LED's when at full power white will use 1 AMP at 13,5 volt.

Rollin' Eyes are powerful LED light rings and strips attached to our new smart LED light controller. There are many different patterns that come pre-programmed in the controller. But, if those are not enough, you can download a free app and create your own patterns directly from your smart phone. You will be in charge! The possibilities are endless. There is nothing else like this on the market! Watch the video below and you will agree.      

Operation Video

Bike Video

Waterproof Video

Impact Video

Heat Video

What are “Rollin' Eyes”?

ErgoMot has developed a new spectacular LED product that they call "Rollin' Eyes".

These will be the LED accent lights of the future. 

It will be you who determines what will be shown on your LED's, via your Smartphone. It will be you who can choose which effects will play on your vehicle, in what colors, order, speed, repeat, etc.

Once you will have created your own beautiful light show (99 steps possible) on your phone and uploaded over Bluetooth to your vehicle, you can share your show with your friends as long as they also have a set of Rollin' Eyes on their vehicle.

Tuning, Light Shows and Lightparades will be totally different.
YOU will expose your own light show, created on the screen of your phone, different from all the others who have standard tiny lights, which everybody already has. That's what we call “Show Mode”.

On the street, while driving, you can use the Rollin' Eyes in "Street Mode". The LED's will be white, ultra bright, strobe white or orange/amber in the front, red, ultra bright strobe red or orange/amber in the back, just following the existing signal lights of your bike, car, truck...
“Street mode” is easy, just connect some wires from the controller to the existing wires on your vehicle (by easy Posi Tap's).

the Android app is available (free) in the Google Play Store. Just search for Ergomot.

The iPhone app is available (free) in the Apple App Store. Just search for Rollin Eyes Controller.


Absolutely NO technical knowledge is required to install and use!

Let your imagination flow and use them where ever you need special light effects.


Quick Facts

2 operation modes

  • street / show

Pre Programmed user selectable light effects

  • currently +- 30 effects ready, number growing every day

User adaptable light effects

  • select which light-effects you want,
  • in the order, orientation, color and speed you want

12 volt power supply (car / bike / battery or 12v power adaptor)

  • 11 to 16 volt will do

Built in Bluetooth module

  • To upload your choice to the LED's from your BT phone or tablet

6 signal tap wires

  • to hook up to blinkers, cruise, brake and tail light
  • if you only need show, no need to connect them

2 plugs for RE ring or strip

  • one at the left,
  • one at the right,
  • but you can use just one

Each plug can drive 2 rings or strips

  • So, you can connect 4 rings / strips to one controller

Each plug can drive 144 LED's in total

  • Gives really very much, intense, bright light !

Rings and strips have many LED's (+- 1,5 led / centimeter or +- 3,75 led / inch)

  • That is the highest density in industry right now

Very easy to use

  • If you can manage your contacts in your phone, you can manage this!

Unique features and design

OK, let's be honest, there are thousands of LED lights on the market. A few of them are very interesting with very nice features. But even the best led rings or strips work with a simple remote control, like the one you use for opening your garage door. Every click you give on the remote brings another light effect, but rarely what you want. You have to click and click again and see all effect you DO NOT like, before you reach some you like, but than it is the wrong color at the wrong speed … annoying … Then, after power down, you have to start again, try to find that one setting you did like, by clicking the remote again.


With our Rollin' Eyes, you are in charge! Even before one led lights up, choose what you want, at the speed you want, in the color of your mood … all with the easy of using a smartphone.

And next time you switch on the ignition or the power, forget about those thousand annoying clicks on the remote for which you forgot which of the 4 buttons did what.

Yes ! We are aware some things like this already exists, allowing you to switch LED's on and off and change the color via a phone ... But not able to record, play and share your own show.

To make sure your light show or signals will be seen (think about your and others safety) we integrated our own real optical system in the rings.

the free app ?


How to use ?

RE can be used in 2 modes :

  • street mode
  • show mode

Street mode :

Street mode depends on the use of the 6 colored wires coming out of the controller.

The 6 wires are can be connected to your vehicle signals : blinkers left and right, running light and brake light.

The 6th wire can be connected to a simple switch on steering wheel or handle bar (switch not included) or you could connect to eg. the alarm output.

When one of those wires “feels” +12 volt on the vehicle signal, the RE ring / strip will “imitate” the signal. E.g. when the red wire is connected to your brake lights, the RE will light up in bright red and will produce a “Brake Light modulator” effect.

The yellow wires connect to your blinkers left and right. The RE will blink orange or, up to you, will produce a “Mustang” effect, rolling left or right.

Via the app on your phone, you can change what the wires will do (configure in the setup screen).

The 6th wire is intended to be used as a "warning" and you can select via your phone or tablet what light effect it will show.

Show mode :

In our free app, you will find many pre-programmed light effects. It is a list on the top half of your screen.

You select the effects you like, in the order you want. Just tap your finger on the effect name you want.

Each time you tap on a name, it will be added at the bottom of a second list, on the bottom half of your screen. That will become your show.

You can easily customize each effect : color(s), speed, number of repeats, running direction (left / right), etc.

Of course, when you make a mistake, you can delete effects from your choice list, or even insert one if you forgot one.

Once you are satisfied, just connect to the RE controller over Bluetooth and upload your own light-show.

And there you are, your light-show runs and runs again. Even after you cut and reconnect the power, the show will start again. When you make a better version, you can upload it again.

Last but not least, save your show in a file, share the file with your friends, they can upload in their own Rollin' Eyes device!

Share with your friends :

Whenever you made a nice show, you can save it on your phone or tablet, you can give it a file name. That file, you can send to your friends, they can upload it to their own Rollin' Eyes. Ideal if you contribute to events as "Light Parades" or "Light Shows" or "Tuning" events! 

How does it work ?

Inside the controller is a power converter, a micro processor and a bluetooth module. Some simple electronics are added to connect everything and regulate the signals.

The DC-DC switching power converter is making a stable 5 volt out of your +- 12 volt battery or adaptor, without heat. The 5 amp 5 volt drives the led's in your RE ring or strip.

The 12 volt also feeds a quick powerful microprocessor. The microprocessor listens to the Bluetooth module and keeps an eye on the 5 input wires.

Whenever your phone / tablet sends a new program (selected by you in our free app) the microprocessor stores your program in his own, on board permanent memory.

Depending on the commands coming from your phone / tablet and eventually from the signal wires, the microprocessor sends digital data to each individual led, over one single data wire, millions of instructions per second.

Each led in the ring or strip has her own very tiny processor built in and shows the color and the intensity demanded by the master microprocessor.

Sounds all easy but, it took us more than 6 months to make it work!

Installation Instructions 

Strips have a self adhesive backing. Clean the surface well before applying the strip (eg. With alcohol).

Find a suitable dry place for the controller and secure it with silicone gel or with tie wraps.

Route the cables from each strip to the controller and connect it with one of the included connectors.

Eventually (when you want to use street mode) connect the thin colored signal wires :

  • yellow wires to the blinkers left and right
  • the orange wire to the tail light
  • the white wire to the cruise lights 
  • the red wire to the brake lights
  • the purple wire to some 'attention' switch or alarm

Finally, connect the controller's big RED wire to +12 volt (in a vehicle, over the ignition switch). Connect the big black wire to ground (- 12 volt). If you do not install in a 12 volt vehicle, you will need a power adaptor.

When there is NO power to one or more of the signal wires : A demo program will start.

With power to one or more of the signal wires : your rings or strips will start acting to what the controller 'feels' on the wires ...

Use our free RE app on your smartphone or tablet to change the demo program.

ATTENTION : connecting / disconnecting the RE ring or strip may only be done when there is NO power to the controller ! Making or braking the connection between controller and ring / strip, while the controller has power, will PERMANENTLY damage ring or strip!

ATTENTION : connecting / disconnecting the signal wires may only be done when there is NO power to the controller ! Making or braking the connection between signal wires and vehicle and or switches, while the controller has power, may PERMANENTLY damage the RE controller!

Future Plans

The current controller will allow 90 steps in your own light show and has 35 built in light effects. You can customize the effects on your phone.

After the first launch and delivery, we plan a larger version, where you can have +200 steps in your light show and where we can do + 99 pre programmed light effects.

We also think future customers will ask for other sizes and shapes! This has already been integrated in our production facility and we will bring what the market asks for.

We are also investigating the possibility of hooking up 2 controllers, to be controlled over one single bluetooth and inter controller communication.

Safe? Legal?


YES! Being seen is always safe. Electrical safe? YES! Runs primary on 12 volt, rings and strips on 5 volt. No risk in that!

Legal on a vehicle?

in "Street Mode" : YES!

In STREET mode (imitating the signals of your vehicle and acting as daytime running light) there is a great chance nobody will bother about.

In "Show Mode" for sure, when you choose light effects like "US Police" or "EU Police" on your smartphone and you drive along with such effect running ... well, unless you ARE the police, they will not like it. Show mode is intended as SHOW, NOT to drive around with. Be smart, think about your own safety, check local regulations first ...

As a last remark : when the LED's are OFF, they have a pure white color. It's under power and control they change to those heavy bright colors. So, when OFF, nobody will be able to judge what color was on before.

What if installed on lower part of a vehicle and hit by a stone?

Both rings and strips are made of high impact material, poly urethane for the lens in the ring, PVC and HIPS for casing and housing. It has to be a BIG stone before you will notice something.

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